Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I know Thanksgiving was almost two weeks ago, but I'm just now posting about my trip to Louisiana. You see, I was born in Louisiana and lived there my first 12 years of life. I still call it home on many occasions. I have many aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents who live there and have never met Avery. This trip was meant for all of my relatives to finally see Avery, and for me to spend quality time with them as well.

You've already read about the low-lights of the trip on yesterday's "Not Me Monday", but here are the highlights (with lots of pictures!)

We spent two nights at Lake D'Arbonne in northeast Louisiana. My papaw, my mother's dad, has a camp on the lake.
Avery was playful with everyone there and didn't seem to mind all the new faces wanting to hold her.
My sister, Jessica, and my mom were the only ones from my family who traveled for Thanksgiving. Isn't she beautiful? She's also single;)
My Papaw! He's so funny. You may remember me writing about him here.
There's not a lot to do at the Camp, so we have to entertain each other...
...and ourselves...
...and other innocent people taking pictures.
This is all of Papaw's granddaughters and great-granddaughter, except Avery. My cousin Amanda taught me how to do my first back-handspring. Her daughter, Alexis, was the flower girl in my wedding.
The view from the camp overlooking a beautiful Thanksgiving sunset.
This is just one of the reasons I love going to my Papaw's camp.
This is another reason...all my aunts! My mom is on the left with her sisters Sharon and Dianne.
These are Aunt Dianne's sons, our cousins Lewis (the LAWYER!) and Parker (the MARKETING AND ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE!) Those titles don't stop them from striking their best "Boy Band" pose with us.
He kept saying, "She's so heavy. She's a ball of lead!" Also, he kept reminding me that I didn't need a DNA test to know who the daddy is...she looks just like Michael! I didn't know my reputation was that questionable! Haha.
After two nights at the Lake, we headed into West Monroe, LA to visit my dad's family. Avery took over as secretary in Granddaddy's office at the Cricket Farm.
This is Avery's other great-grandfather, Bill Armstrong. He is my dad's father. And yes...he's also a cricket farmer!
The final stop was to see my best friend from childhood, Anna Banana (well, that' what my Papaw calls her). Anna was one of the reasons I chose the name "Avery Anna".
I wish we could have stayed longer, but I had a husband and dog waiting on me back in Georgia. Anna, thanks for letting us visit and I hope it won't be too long until we see you again!

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