Monday, December 7, 2009

"Not Me Monday"

The holidays have really thrown me off and I apologize for skipping last week's "Not Me Monday"....but I'm back! I went to Louisiana for Thanksgiving and traveling always seems to present opportunities for "Not Me" moments. Many of these will be from that trip...

I HAVE NOT been so distracted/lazy/procrastinistic (my made up word) that I haven't shared my Thanksgiving trip (which was 11 days ago) on my blog....YET!

I DO NOT use my electric toothbrush to soothe Avery to sleep during nap time. She DOES NOT cry so much that the only thing that will distract her is holding on to my toothbrush, while on.

Speaking of toothbrushes, I DID NOT leave my toiletries bag in the car when staying just one night at my granddad's guest house in Louisiana. After waking up at 4:30 a.m. to travel back to Georgia, I DID NOT decide to use one of the 'complimentary toothbrushes' in the guest bathroom. In mid brush, I DID NOT see the reflection of the name "Sarah S." in sharpie on the backside of that toothbrush, that was still in my mouth.

When leaving for our Thanksgiving trip to Louisiana, I DID NOT have to pull over twice in a span of 15 minutes to clean up puke off Avery in the backseat. I DID NOT forget to get those puked-stained clothes out of my car when I got back from my trip. There WAS NOT furry, molded, fungus growing on these clothes. I DID NOT consider just washing them, and then I DID NOT just throw them in the trash.

While meeting my sister in a parking deck on our westward trip, I DID NOT have to use the bathroom so bad that I found a dark, secluded corner in the parking deck to use as a makeshift bathroom. I WAS NOT a little excited to find a drain in this corner. I DID NOT intentionally aim for the drain.

I DID NOT let Avery join me in bed every morning around 2:30 a.m. to avoid having her cries wake up the rest of the family on this trip. That HAS NOT led to me now trying to break her...again...of waking up in the middle of the night. While trying a new tactic last night, I DID NOT set an egg timer for 15 minutes and let her cry while I did laundry and decorated the house with Christmas decor. I WAS NOT up between the hours of 2-4 a.m., repeating this process.

My car DOES NOT still have luggage and items in it from my trip to Louisiana.

Every time something bad happens...I DO NOT think to myself, "This will be good for Not Me Monday".

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  1. Nothing like a Louisiana sunset on the bayou....looks just like the Mississippi sunset on the River. 11 more days before we head west...