Monday, October 5, 2009

House Divided

You've seen this term before. Actually, you might see it every day. It's the top selling license plates for families who can't decide which college team they are pulling for. To make things easy, they buy a "House Divided" tag with their two favorite schools. This weekend, we literally had a house divided during the LSU vs. UGA football game.

As you know, Michael is true to his Red and Black, so Avery and I have no other choice but to support the Dawgs. However, I am born and bred a Louisiana girl and still have most of my family and roots in Louisiana. My mother was LSU all the way, while my dad cheered on Georgia with the rest of us. Avery, on the other hand, was a pure demonstration of a "House Divided".

Avery began the game supporting the Tigers with her Grandma. She looks cute in her dress from my Aunt Crystal. GEAUX Tigers!
Upon realizing she was wearing Purple and Gold, Avery had some concerns.

She didn't mind the cute bloomers, as every girl likes a little bling.
The game started out slow, so Avery insisted we do a much overdue photo shoot outside.
Cotton was polishing up her nails for the big shoot.
Grandma was proud of her little Tiger.
Avery decided she wanted to see who was winning, so we came inside to sit with Poppa Jeff.
LSU is ahead at the half, so Grandma and Avery are cheering on the Tigers.
She had enough of all that purple and needed her DAWGS to pull ahead. So a quick change at half time helped Avery really get into the spirit. "Them boys, them boys are much, too much. Them boys, are much, too much! GO DAWGS!"
"C'mon Joe Cox, pass it to him, he's open!"
"Noooo....not another fumble!"
"What? Now LSU gets the ball???"
"This is a nail biter."
"What kind of call is that ref? Unsportsmanlike conduct, again? COME ON!!"
"Cotton, help us cheer on the DAWGS, we need all the help we can get!"
"Daddy, it's gonna be OK. Even though we lost, I still love you."


  1. She is so cute!! I just did a post just like this 2 posts ago! Don't you just love a house divided?!

  2. I told my husband that I bet your mom was on "cloud 9" when LSU won the game, cause I knew she'd mentioned on FB that she would be cheering them on in a house full of dawgs fans. Hope she didn't rub it in too bad... Cute post! Kathy in G'ville

  3. I have to say she looks MUCH better in red and black :0) Our house was divided too! Gene, Becky and I were saying GOOOOO DAWGS!! Gabriel on the other hand pulled a "GEAUX TIGERS"~ because cousin Madison goes there! As always, loved reading your post!

  4. Your little girl is so darling! And that tiny GA outfit...too cute : )