Monday, October 26, 2009

"Not Me Monday"

Monday after Monday I willingly look forward to sharing my imperfections and inglorious moments with you. Last week I asked you all to share one "Not Me" in my comment post...and you chickened out! Thank you to Amy and Meredith who left some very funny and relatable "Not Me" moments on the post. Now today, I'm asking you all to do the same thing. I will be expecting to see your comments below! Enjoy:)

After stirring Avery's cereal for the final time before feeding her, I DID NOT drop the bowl on the ground and watch it splatter all over the floor and walls. I DID NOT just pick up the bowl and feed her what little cereal remained in it.

On my third visit to the Mall of Georgia to get my computer fixed, I WAS NOT crop-dusted by some man walking in front of me. As he quickly crossed my path to escape his little present he left lingering in the air, I DID NOT walk right through it and almost gag. Nope, not me!

I DID NOT get out of the shower only realize I had left the sink water running the entire time. This WAS NOT because I forgot the turn off the faucet after brushing my teeth and this WAS NOT the third or fourth time I've ever done that.

My $40 bottle of hair product DID NOT leak into my vanity drawer because I forgot the snap the lid completely shut.

I HAVE NOT been practicing sitting Avery up all by herself.
This is NOT a picture of her toppling over because she's not ready to sit up by herself.
She DID NOT just 'give up' and sprawl out over her Boppy.
I DON'T take pictures of her trying to get back up instead of helping her. NOT ME!

I DID NOT leave my cell phone in the Fairfield Inn in Atlanta Saturday night. I DID NOT call them and ask to go look for my cell phone. After they told me they couldn't find it, I DID NOT call back and demand they go stand in the hotel room and let me call my phone. They DID NOT pick up my phone and tell me it was under the sink the whole time.

When deciding what to be for our friend's Halloween party, I DID NOT have an "I could care less" attitude and dress up as a Duck Hunter, using Michael's attire, instead. When shopping for Michael's mullet wig, I DID NOT see a funny costume and decide to try it on in the store. I DID NOT take off the 'duck calls' hanging around my neck, lay them on the ground, and lose them for about 15 minutes. I DID NOT frantically scour the store head to toe and ask random people if they saw a duck call, all while dressed in camoflauge. **Michael DID NOT freak out about the $100 calls, demand that I not wear any of his hunting gear anymore, and make me buy a costume in the store. I WAS NOT furious over this because I didn't want to pay $40 for a stupid, cheezy costume that everyone else would probably be wearing. This is NOT a picture of "Major Trouble" and her "Hill Billy" husband.
This is NOT the backside of my husband's costume. ('s a fake butt!)

**We did find the 'duck calls' by the way!


  1. OMG...I leave the water running all the time..Marty gets so MAD.. I think I turned it off but.. its running and only in the bathrooms LOL : )

  2. I did not not bath Ethan for two days because I just didn't feel like it!

  3. I DID NOT fake a backache so that my husband would cook breakfast and clean the dishes. :)

  4. Love it! Thanks for the "shout-out"...I am obviously one of the few people you know that has no shame...ha! I am NOT ashamed that I know exactly what "crop-dusting" is because I am a lady and would have no experience with such a thing! P.S...LOVE the picture of Avery sprawled out on the boppy...she looks like a true drama queen! ;0)

  5. Ok, as you know, no shame here either! NO time during cheerleading season I HAVE NOT decided that the HUGE dirt spots on my kitchen floor that have been there for over a week (maybe longer) are really a fashion statement that match my curtains! Hmmm, I think they have some link to Halloween too...
    Love the new pics of BooBoo...she is my beautiful little buddy!!

  6. I DID NOT grab toliet paper out the trashcan to use because the roll was out and I was too lazy to get up and get a new one only steps away!