Monday, October 19, 2009

Hunting Season

Baby Avery is quite the outdoorsman and loves nature. This morning, she thought it was the perfect weather to fit in a little hunt before she began her day. Avery needed to hunt for her food and store up for winter. She put on her best camoflauge and found the perfect spot.

Avery didn't forget to wear her Hunter's Safety Orange. She knows how important safety is when hunting.
Because Avery is too young for a gun license, she catches her food with a plastic bag from Publix.
Now, it's time to sit and wait. Wait and watch. Watch and wait.
Her first animal! She sights and catches a yellow duck! How exciting to see something so soon during her hunt. Unfortunately, Avery doesn't eat duck, so she let it go.
Avery spots a pink Teddy Bear through the bushes and lures it in with her call. She wrestles the bear to the ground and pins it down! However, Avery doesn't eat bear, she let it go.
With the help of her hunting dog, Cotton, they both are able to catch a horse. Avery remembers that horses are for riding, not eating, so she releases it back into the woods.
She continues to wait patiently for the perfect prey. "MOOOOOO..." she hears in the distance. She creeps up on a cow and tips it over!
Once again, Avery doesn't eat cows and she sadly sends it back to the pasture.
She got so frustrated that she couldn't find her favorite food! She cried and cried over the fact that her morning hunt might end in failure.
What's that? Avery found a caterpillar crawling through the leaves and she snatched it up. She was getting hungry and considered eating it, but decided to wait for the big catch!
She was getting very annoyed that she couldn't find what she was looking for.
Suddenly, Avery spots something in the distance. Could it really be what she set out to hunt? YES! She is tickled pink that she will finally go home with something in her hands...but what is it?
VICTORY! Avery pounced on the bottle like a cat on a mouse. She wrangled it with her two bare hands and threw it in the Publix shopping bag.
She was proud of her catch.
Now this is the kind of food Avery was looking for!

She decides to celebrate her hunt by tipping her hat like Poppa Jeff! Happy Hunting!

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  1. These are so cute! I think she looks a lot like her daddy in some of these ;)