Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weddings and Pumpkins

This past weekend was a whirl-wind of events, starting Thursday night. A very close and dear couple to Michael and me got married this weekend. Rob and Leslie (Bruner) Tate have been dating since they were 15 years old and finally tied the knot after a year long engagement. They graciously invited us to attend their rehearsal dinner Thursday night. I was honored to be a part of it since we were the only ones there who weren't family or in the wedding.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of Avery to show from this event because the moment Michael walked into the doors, she was swamped by all of the guests who wanted to see her and hold her. There's completely nothing wrong with that in my eyes, however, Avery tells a different story. She went into hysterics and wouldn't stop crying for the next hour. She refused to let anyone hold her peacefully and even after I offered her a bottle to calm her down, she wasn't having it!

In the end, I found a quiet room to feed her in and asked the catering staff if they could refrigerate my bottle! She finally calmed down. It was 10:00 p.m. and an hour past her bedtime, so Michael put her in her stroller and pushed her around for nearly another hour to get her to fall asleep. She finally closed her eyes at 11:30 p.m. Wheeww, we were glad to be heading home after that.

Friday night was another adventure with the Bruners and Tates as we traveled to watch Leslie's brother play football the night before her wedding. What a dedicated sister and family! Michael loves being able to carry Avery in the Bjorn. She did pretty well at the game after fighting off the sleep I was trying to put her in :)
Saturday was the BIG DAY ! The wedding was beautiful for many reasons....
1. High School sweethearts were getting married
2. The wedding was completely family oriented, with all four of their brothers as the groomsmen, the Best Man was Rob's dad, the Matron of Honor was Leslie's mom, and the preacher was Rob's cousin.
3. The weather was wonderful and it didn't rain!!

Aunt Flossy (Nicole Gillet, engaged to Leslie's brother, Chad). This is proof that Avery is finally letting other people hold her, thank the Lord!
A beautiful bride, Leslie Tate.
After the ceremony, Michael's parents picked up Avery so we could cut a rug...and that we did! It was a great reception and after party. Thanks Red and Vickie for babysitting:)

Sunday eventually rolled around and it was the moment I'd been waiting for....BURT'S PUMPKIN FARM! Ever since we've been married, we'd taken Cotton to a local pumpkin patch and had his picture taken with the pumpkins. Now, I actually have a REAL CHILD, a human being, to do this with. I was more than thrilled to start a new tradition with our family. Enjoy the pictures!

Everything about this picture screams...DISCOMFORT!
Avery thought if she could hide from us, we wouldn't take any more pictures of her.

The joys of teething...everything goes straight to the mouth.
At this point during the day, Avery was appalled at the fact I hadn't told her that her new jeans were giving her a muffin top.
She decided to embrace her muffin top and just go with it.

"Hhhmmm, I wonder if they'll let me eat these pumpkins?"
Our little Cabbage Patch Kid
That pumpkin was mouth watering.

I may be laughing, but I'm crying inside as Avery is yanking my hair in the back.
Nothing sweeter:)


  1. Your pics are great!! I have enjoyed reading your blog...

  2. I love that place!!! I hadn't had a chance to take Ashton back to Burt's in the past few years. The pumpkins are beautiful and so colorful. God made sure there are pumpkins of every color, shape, and size to go with any picture or outfit!!!! He must have been thinking about "photo-opt" obsessed moms like us!!!

  3. Perfect!! I know I told you this already, but those pictures are are such the professional photographer. Avery is precious in her jeans...I've never seen a cuter muffin top ;) Isn't it funny how "jeans" can make them look so much older?!