Monday, October 26, 2009

Peacocks and Sheep and Deer, Oh My!

Avery's Grandparents, Red and Vickie Ewing, took Avery to her first petting zoo, The Yellow River Game Ranch. This is a place they used to take Michael when he was little and couldn't wait to share that tradition with Avery. It was actually my first time going, too, since I didn't grow up around here.

It was a beautiful wooded area with so many different animals, some roaming freely and the scary ones caged! Just to name a few that were caged and not photographed by me, were black bears, mountain lions, cougars, foxes, buffalo, and plenty of fowl and pheasants.

You could buy carrots, peanuts, and graham crackers to feed the animals along the nature trails you walked. Avery was very alert and interested in most of the animals, especially the roosters! I think it was because they were colorful and made plenty of noises. Eventually she started screaming and crowing just like the roosters.

Let the adventure begin!
Watching her daddy feed the donkey a carrot.
Standing in front of the sheep. Avery doesn't look thrilled at this point.
She said, "Aunt Jessie, I didn't know you were gonna be here?!"
Red and Vickie with their little girl.
She loved looking at the peacock, probably because of all the beautiful blue and green feathers...I'm assuming ;)
She was very vocal in this picture. I think Mr. Red is trying to figure out what she is saying.
Avery was talking it up and wanted all of the deer to know she was there! This is the face she makes when she is making a really high pitched squeal.
She's got her daddy's smile :)
Check it out, two bucks going head to head!
This was a doe that found a special interest in Avery.
It's Michael "Snow White" Ewing.
Here is another deer that walked right up to us. You can tell it is a buck but its antlers have been cut off.
Mr. Red with Avery in front of General Lee's house. He is the official weather forecaster for the state of Georgia...a groundhog!
Laughing at her grandmother.
This was a baby fawn that just had to be born days ago because it was still fuzzy and had no spots.
After a long day learning about animals, Avery was ready for a nap.


  1. gosh that angle of me makes me look so big!

  2. I literally laughed out loud when I saw/read about Jessie in this blog. HILARIOUS!!!